David Foord

Recently completed, and is undergoing flight testing

  • IO-390X engine, with 10:1 pistons and flow matched cylinders
  • Skydynamics sump, cold air and 4 to 1 exhaust
  • b&c sd8 alternator, vac pump pad oil pickup
  • Lightweight starter
  • Dual pmag ignitions
  • PC680 battery mounted at the tailpost
  • Whirlwind 200C prop
  • Sliding canopy of my own design and custom made wingtips
  • Dynon d180, which is the only instrument
  • Garnmin 196 in removeable panel dock which doubles as the sequence card holder
  • Microair 760 vhf and t2000 transponder
  • F1 Rocket spats
  • Needed rourke strakes stall speed 50 knots

A Lot Of Fun!