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Many have complained about Yahoo's clunky interface and fear of loosing all of the info on this forum as Yahoo changes. There is an excellent program for downloading everything from Yahoo Groups called PG Offline. See more on their web site here. One Designs for sale at Videos of the One Design in flight.
Airplane Color Design Airplane paint scheme software. Includes a 3D model of the One Design.
TF-MAD Photos of Hafsteinn Jonasson's One Design
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Performance Propellers USA Manufacturer of 2 and 3 blade multi-laminate propellers for experimental aircraft.

Other Interesting Sites Pitts Model 12 builder. Very detailed site on construction of a Pitts Model 12 biplane.
Ashcraft Aero Works The DR-109 is available here.
Budd Davisson's Lot's of great info here. A must see.
Tube Coping Calculator Cool tool for making tubing cutting pattern


FAA Manuals FAA Handbooks & Manuals
FAA AIM FAA Aeronautical Information Manual
AC 43.13-1B AC 43.13-1B - Acceptable Methods, Techniques, and Practices - Aircraft Inspection and Repair
AC 43.13-2B AC 43.13-2B - Acceptable Methods, Techniques, and Practices - Aircraft Alterations
AC 65-9A A & P Mechanics General Handbook
AC 65-12A A & P Mechanics Powerplant Handbook
AC 65-15A A & P Mechanics Airframe Handbook