One Design News


Volume 1 - Number 2 - March 1993

WARNING!!: This will be the last One Design Newsletter. Not exactly, actually this will be the last Newsletter that I will publish, from now on the IAC will be doing the publishing and distributing. As you may have guessed it has become too big a job for me to handle. Look for more information in Sport Aerobatics or contact Mike or Sharon Heuer at 758 Grovewood Dr. Cordova, TN 38018, (901) 756-3848, FAX (901) 755-3848.

Progress: The prototype is really coming together nicely. As of this writing Jon Staudacher has completed the wing and ailerons, Doug Dodge has the basic fuselage truss and the tail surfaces complete. Both the wing and tail have been mounted to the truss. The goal of making Oshkosh is looking better each day, but we still have a long way to go. Lew Shaw has purchased a Lycoming 0-320, 150 HP, (from a Cessna 172) with 1800 hours on it. This is now being overhauled and converted for aerobatic flight using a Airflow Performance fuel injection system. This system seems to be the ticket for this conversion. It's much more affordable than a Bendix fuel injection system; we'll have more details on this in the future.

Legal Progress: IAC Pres. Steve Morris recently called me with some very good news. The IAC will set up a non-profit company to sell the One Design drawings. Occasionally this company will make a donation to the IAC. The way this is being set up it will protect the IAC from liability suits.

Oshkosh: Speaking of Oshkosh, I have been invited to conduct a One Design forum on the first Friday of Oshkosh. I’m also hoping that the prototype can be added to the airshow schedule. More details on these events will be coming.

Kits: I have started conversations with Aircraft Spruce and Specialty (ACS) to one day have various components and material kits available. So far it looks like a go, look for more details in their next catalog.

BRS: What's BRS?, Ballistic Recovery System, this is essentially a huge parachute which is attached to the entire airplane allowing the pilot and the aircraft to gently return to Earth should an extreme emergency arise. BRS Inc, makers of these systems has contacted me through well known IACer, and many time Advanced National Champion Tom Adams. BRS would like to participate in the One Design project. I sent them some drawings and have had conversations with their engineer. This looks like it could be a very nice option. It certainly offers a pilot with one more chance should he have a catastrophe.

Help: Rick Dean, a very experienced pilot (P-40, P-51 etc.) as well as a very experienced Engineer (to many projects to list), has stepped forward to give me a hand with the actual construction blueprints. This will be a massive undertaking to have these ready by the end of the year as I promised. Rick is semi-retired so he will be able to really apply himself. This will also be a good check of my work and insure that there are no mistakes in the drawings. Rick also wants to build components and has already contacted ACS to be their supplier of One Design parts.

Mockup News: Recently, Bill Jaworski was to be on a business trip that would allow him some free time in Southern California. He asked if we could get together and talk about the One Design project and perhaps try on the cockpit mockup for size, Bill is 6 foot 6 tall and well over 200 lbs. Bill got his answer, he did indeed fit very nicely in the cockpit. A check of the weight and balance estimates also showed that he would have a good center of balance for aerobatic flight. By the way Bill did not fit well at all in my Pitts S-lS, which is set up for pilots just over 6 feet in height.

R/C Model: Matt Mrdeza has the 30% model ready for cover and is awaiting a paint scheme so that he can finish it and go fly. Matt has also been asked to bring the model to Oshkosh for display with the prototype. The model looks great and I 'm looking forward to seeing it in the air.

Paint Schemes: If you have any really keen ideas on this subject please let me know. I have received several comments with regards to insisting that all One Designs be painted the same for absolute anonymity in contest flying. Other people feel that this should still be left to the individual. Currently the comments run about 50/50 on this. Got an opinion or a paint scheme???

Other Articles: The February and March issues of Sport Aviation, Jack Cox had short bits on the One Design in the Hot Line News section. The March issue of the Pacific Flyer also had a good article by well known IACer Wayne Handley (competition and super airshow pilot). Both Jack's and Wayne's articles were well written and really captured what the whole One Design project is all about.

More Letters: I continue to get a lot of mail, as well as phone calls. Everyone I've talked to is very positive and supportive. This tells me that the whole concept is right on target. The Sport Aviation articles have spawned a whole new group of enthusiastic supporters. It is this kind of overwhelming support that has kept me going and I want you all to know that it is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for all your support, please contact the IAC if you want to keep up with this Newsletter.

Best regards, Dan Rihn 3591 Lama Ave Long Beach1 CA 90808