Drawing List (Excel)
Drawing List (PDF)
Listing of the drawings you should have in your set of One Design plans. The list was compiled from a set of drawings purchased on 3/15/2006 from Aircraft Spruce.

One Design Database Excel file of DR-107 One Designs. Compiled by Niccolai Murphy

Side and top view drawing of the DR-107. Useful for laying out your paint scheme ideas. Formated for printing in 8.5"x11" or 11"x17" sizes.

Archived Files from Yahoo Groups OneDesignForum

Files are in zip format for easy downloading Zip file contains 1853 photos organized into individual folders from each album on the site. File size is 1.3 GB This file contains all the items in the "Files" section of the site. File size is 59 MB This file contains items attached within the individual messages. File size is 132 MB