** Build Log - Read This Before Posting **

A place to share the construction of your DR-107 project.

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** Build Log - Read This Before Posting **

Post by Jim » Sun May 27, 2018 12:57 pm

Welcome to the Build Log Forum

What is the Build Log Forum?
This is a simple forum to for you to log progress as you build your DR-107 project.

Posting limited to original author
This is a "To Do" for me as I have not figured out how to set a limitation like this yet.
In order to prevent your log from getting off into the weeds, random comments should not be allowed. If someone has a question about something you are doing, they can create another thread, send you an email or PM (private message). Likewise, if you want folks to be able to post in your project log, you can create a thread in a different forum here at the DR-107 forums.

How to save or backup my Log
Select "Print View" from the "Topic Tools" menu (little wrench icon at the top of the post) then either print or save to pdf or other format that works best for you. Do not use this as the primary way or location to document your project. Print/Save often.
Jim Reno
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